Chutney Point CoverIt’s Thursday morning, and strange things are happening in Chutney Point. Roman Countryman’s psychic sixth toe leads him from his cozy job as a store clerk in a redwood tree to find a dead body in the woods. He is instantly swept into an absurd and dark plot set into motion by the twisted Dr. Imbrium in an attempt to get ahold of the Lighthouse Inn overlooking Chutney Point, with the help of his fez-wearing lawyer Burma Mister, and Roman’s younger brother Julian.

Whose body was it? How did it disappear shortly before the police arrived? Why was the man killed? How much do the Chutney Twins really know? What does a talking dog have to do with any of this? Why all the questions? It’s a mystery, that’s why!

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Chutney Point (1993-2003)
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