In the interest of simplifying things and consolidating all of my store-fronts, I’ve decided to keep only one storefront for each type of item I sell. I had been split between etsy and storenvy for selling physical comics and games, but the hassle of having a redundant storefront was getting to me, and Storenvy won out for a couple reasons.

Primarily, Storenvy allows me to test the waters on new products with pre-orders, which is very reassuring when I’m not sure if it’s worth producing a new item; also it has a more customizable storefront so I can make it match more closely with my other online branding, which gives users a more consistent feel. The Storenvy community is growing, and I’ve found more than a few things on there I wouldn’t mind picking up for myself one day soon.

Moving all of my Etsy inventory over to Storenvy doesn’t solve the problem of needing multiple online stores, of course – I’ll still be using Gumroad to sell my digital comics and game downloads, and I’m planning to open a Society6 store very soon for high-quality giclee prints and apparel (a replacement for my RedBubble store). Buying my products at any of these online stores is really the best way to support me and my work, and to help ensure that I can continue making such cool things for you!