In which the gang finally makes their escape from Rocky’s burning house, and I finally draw said burning house for the last time! I always forget how tiresome it can be to draw the same environment for more than a few pages at a time. I expect I am going to be extremely weary of drawing this stagecoach by the end of this story, so look for that.

Happily, this page marks the end of the ‘Attack at the Waters House’ scene that this story has been stuck in since I halted production back in 2012, so it feels like a good place to be. The next scenes are ones I’ve been waiting to get into for years now, so I’m really pleased with myself for coming back to this story.

I’m nearly half-done with this chapter, with 9 pages left to go. I’m looking forward to putting together the pdf and the booklet versions of this chapter, my first new printed comic in about a year, when I finished my Li’l Mummy comic. Don’t forget, if you support my work at Patreon you’ll get early access to all of the pages, from this chapter, the next chapters, and every project I work on in between!