Eye of the Vortex, page 44! Only four more pages left in this chapter, and if you want to get your hands on a copy of the printed comic when it’s finished, now’s a great time to go sign up for the $5 level at the Patreon campaign. Even a buck per chapter will get you access to these pages early, as well as the process feed.

I’m really happy with how this sequence is coming out so far, though I’m already getting tired of this darn cliff face, which I’ll be drawing for at least the next five or six pages. Looking forward to taking a brief break from Ellie after this chapter wraps up.

The work schedule has slowed me down a little bit, though. I’m still not back into the habit of drawing a little bit each day, and I think that’s what I’ll need to do to get back in the swing of it. Pretty much each stage of a single page can be broken up easily into blocks of about an hour or so, and doing even one or two of those blocks each day will keep me moving ahead which is really what I want here.

So, enjoy this page, and hopefully I’ll have another update here before next friday!