Pocket 8-Bit Tarot BoxI can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here yet or not, but one of my little quick side-projects this month has been to prep the files for a new edition of the original 8-Bit Tarot! Now that my POD game publisher TheGameCrafter.com can do business-card sized decks, I’m republishing the 8-bit Tarot in its original miniature format. A number of folks have requested this citing the benefits of the smaller cards, and it’s a fairly simple task. I finished the box art this week, and ordered a test deck last night. If it looks good when it shows up, I’ll be publishing it sometime in March. The card art is exactly the same, front and back, as the Super 8-Bit Tarot deck, and the Pocket edition will also include the ‘Worlds of 8-Bit Tarot’ map and interpretation guide.