Hey, all!

Original color version of Page One

As you’re probably aware, I’ve been itching to go back to the beginning of Ellie Connelly and the Eye of the Vortex and redraw all the pages I’d finished in color all those years ago when I first started telling the story. While I enjoyed the Hergé-inspired ligne-claire style I was working in, it was taking forever and I never truly felt like it was my art, and I wasn’t ever happy constantly chasing an ideal I didn’t feel like I was measuring up to.

When I decided to restart the comic in my own style the first thing I did was redraw page one. I wanted to learn two things: First, how did I like it compared to the color pages; and second, how long did it take to draw it. I was happy enough with both answers to jump in and continue the story where I left off with chapter three, and now with three chapters in the New Style I feel it’s time to go back and fill in that gap.

You saw a peek of these re-workings when I posted an updated version of the Eye of the Vortex poster in December, and now I’m happy to say that I’m ready to start posting them for you all!

Page one
, first drawn back in 2014, was posted this last Monday, and the next pages will go up each Monday until I run out. I’ve got the first ten pages fully rewritten and laid out, changing a few things and streamlining the narrative a bit. From there I expect to adapt the original pages fairly straightforward, with minor dialog edits and small layout changes to make the pages a bit more dynamic than the static 4-tier layout I was working with before.

For my Patreon supporters, Ellie Connelly and the Eye of the Vortex Chapter 1 will be my next Printed Project. Pages will go up there as soon as I finish them for all of my supporters, and I’ll be sending out digital and printed copies when the full Chapter is complete. So far, I’m five pages down, eleven to go! So, come on back next monday for page 2!