Citizen Kane
6×6 pen & ink on bristol, 2013

“I don’t think there’s one word that can describe a man’s life.” – Charles Foster Kane

I’ve seen this movie at least once every couple of years in my adulthood, and it never gets old, or tired, or worn out. I did this as an impromptu warm-up for a much larger and more intricate piece of fan art I’m planning to make for this film, something I can hang on the wall with pride to honor one of my integrally-favorite movies.

For this piece I wanted to try to capture Kane’s entire life in this simple symbol–the snow-globe that proves so integral to the mystery of the movie. I can imagine Kane up in the window of his castle, solitary, looking out, too far separated from the happy youth he so desperately wants to cling to and recapture in some way. The two defining facets of his life separated by all the walls and gates he built to protect him from himself.