UkuleleWeek #4: The Doubleclicks

6×6 pen & ink on bristol

This week I’m paying tribute to the artists whose discovery on YouTube inspired me to take up the Ukulele – not because they made it look easy (though they do!) but because they made it look fun!

There’s so much to say about The Doubleclicks, I don’t know where to start. Angela’s plucky ukulele and Aubrey’s soulful cello, for me it was love at first note. I was taken in by their wonderful, heart-felt covers of Muppet classics and They Might Be Giants’s Robot Parade and Nightgown of the Sullen Moon (recently covered by me as part of my TMBThursday project). But their originals are where the Clicks really shine! Their entire first album is full of songs of geeky love gone awry, which I for one can relate to.

Nothing to Prove, the Doubleclicks’s latest song, is an anthem of Geek-Girl Solidarity whose video has gone crazy-viral in the 8 days or so since it was released! This is a wonderful song with a great message which I, as the parent of a geek-girl myself, I can really appreciate.