Genre: Abstract
In Yiora (pronounced ‘why-OR-uh’), you are an Overlord ruling over a small army of devotees. Your destiny is upon you – can you capture your opponent’s Throne for yourself, or even better, capture the opposing Overlord? Each player gets nine pieces – Mages, Soldiers, and an Overlord – with which they must destroy or be destroyed!

Players’ armies are set up on opposite sides of the circular board, pieces in position to defend the Overlord and the Throne space it sits on. To win the game, you must maneuver your pieces to the other side of the board and either capture your opposing Overlord, or move your Overlord into their throne.

The circular battlefield makes for unusual strategies and challenges even the most experienced strategy gamer!

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2 Players

Ages 8 and Up

30 Minutes or More


Print-&-Play: Mini Edition

Downloadable pdf includes Board, Rules, and cut-and-apply pieces.

Boxed Edition

Includes 18″ quad-fold board, pieces, rules, and storage box. Now available from GameCrafter.com!