Hey, all!

After much internal debate, I’ve decided to try to supplement my comics-creation plans with a simple Patreon campaign! There’s more info here at this introduction post, and the first comic I’ll be working to complete is (no surprise here) Ellie Connelly and the Eye of the Vortex!

Supporting the Patreon campaign won’t influence whether I finish the comic or not, I plan to do it regardless. Complete chapters will be available as DRM-free pdfs and printed chap-books in time. But supporting the campaign now will allow YOU to read the pages as I complete them, and not need to wait until either the pdf or the printed minicomic are available to purchase. You’ll also get access to process photos of pages-in-progress, and other stuff when I feel the urge.

So! If you want to support my continued efforts to finish all of these comics I’ve started, please go check out my Patreon page!