This month sees the return of the miniature 8-Bit Tarot deck! The original 8-Bit Tarot was manufactured by a business card printer and hand-assembled into a limited edition art deck. Long out-of-print, it was replaced by the Super 8-Bit Tarot, a full-sized tarot deck being manufactured as-ordered by TheGameCrafter.com. Well, now that TheGameCrafter offers business-card sized decks, I figured it was time to reissue the original miniature deck. It’s the perfect size to be used as a compact travel deck, or for readers with smaller-than-average hands.

So, if you’ve been longing for a tiny, tiny tarot deck at a great price, go to TheGameCrafter.com and pick one up today! And of course, the Super 8-Bit Tarot is still available too!