Historically, I’ve shied away from doing on-site convention sketches. I always felt rushed and under pressure to Do It Right, which almost always ensured that it would go horribly wrong. This time, I’m taking a different tack. Using my 1-hour drawing model, I’m planning to take on-site commissions to be worked on while you wait, Or picked up later. Knowing that I’ve got a full hour to knock one out gives me some breathing room to relax and do a bang-up job.

Here’s how that’s going to work:
The rules are the same as the online commissions: you can pick a single character for me to draw in my style in one hour, and visual reference is required – I don’t want to commit to drawing something if I don’t know what it looks like. I’ll add some color to it if I feel like it would add to the drawing, but otherwise it’s a black-and-white drawing. Now, since this will be done in a convention setting, it may take more than an hour to actually complete your drawing. I’ll make sure to get your name and address so I can mail it to you if you’re unable to pick it up in person. Also, since the goal is to set aside an entire hour to do your drawing, commission slots will be limited to just six per day.

And on a similar note, if you want to be sure to get a drawing from me at Rose City, you can place your commission this week, and pick it up in person! Let me know in your order that you’ll be picking your drawing up at the show, and I’ll be sure to have it done and ready for you to pick up on Saturday morning! If you’re unable to pick up your picture, don’t worry – I’ll get in touch and we can make arrangements for shipping it to you. There’s a limited number of pre-orders available as I’ve got a busy couple of weeks before the Comic-Con, but I’ll open up more if I have time! Follow this link to pre-order now!

I hope to see you at Rose City Comic-con this month!