Today I received the prototype for a new, larger edition of the 8-Bit Tarot, and I have to say, I wish I’d put it out this way in the first place! One of the biggest complaints I heard from people over the years as I was selling the business-card sized deck of pixel-art tarot cards was that the cards were too small to hold, and too thick to shuffle. Not exactly what you want to hear when you’re still sitting on several hundred copies of a limited edition art project! But when the inventory started getting seriously low and I considered reprinting the deck, I started looking for a solution.

Enter! The Game Crafter is a great print-on-demand board game company with a ton of options for game designers, and are perfect for folks like me who love designing games but don’t want the hassle of managing inventory, assembly, or fulfillment. I’ve already used them to produce both my Yiora and Dol-Dai boxed editions. Sometime a couple years ago I noticed that they had added Tarot decks to their options, and while I still had too many decks on-hand to consider a new edition, I started working on the files so I’d be ready when the time was right. Earlier this month, the planets aligned, I sold the remaining 18 decks of the limited edition Tarot in a single day. I uploaded the last couple files for the GameCrafter deck, and the Super 8-Bit Tarot was born!

The deck comes in a roomy tuck-box with space for all 78 full-sized tarot cards, and the folded ‘Understanding 8-Bit Tarot/Worlds of Tarot’ info sheet and map I designed a couple years ago as a companion to the mini-deck. I’m extremely pleased with the assembly of the box, the weight of the cards, and the cut of the deck. The reproduction of the artwork is fantastic, and seriously – much as I loved the mini pixel-art deck and appreciate all of the support it’s received over the years, THIS is the tarot deck I should have made from the beginning.

The new and improved Super 8-Bit Tarot is available RIGHT NOW over at, and it’s print-on-demand so it should never be unavailable again from now until the end of time!

Super 8-Bit Tarot - Boxed