Spent some time today working on scripts for the couple of stories I’d like to get to next, once I’ve finished with the current chapter of Ellie Connelly. See, the way I want to be working is this: Draw one chapter of a story, and script a chapter of a different story. When I’m done drawing the current chapter, draw the story I just finished scripting, and go back to scripting the next chapter of the first story. This way, I’ll be able to bounce back and forth between different projects and (hopefully) not get burned out on any of them. I’ve got a lot of stories I’m anxious to work on, and don’t want to wait until I’m totally done with this one before jumping to something else.

SO! The next story I’ll be doing is a 12-page introduction of an intergalactic adventure series I’ve wanted to do for some time, titled “STARHUSTLERS”. The name is an homage to the late Jack Horkheimer, who ran a weekly naked-eye astronomy series on PBS in the 80s and 90s (and can still be found at http://www.jackstargazer.com/ It’s about Captain Jaq Freon and the crew of the C4P3LL4, an AI-equipped shipping vessel. I’ve got ambitious plans for the series overall (it’s a first look at the bigger universe I’m creating with all of these comics), but the initial set of stories is just to introduce each of the crew members.

The Script, “Incident at Capsolm-4”, is already done, and I’m getting comfortable enough with the new page format that I’m really excited to get started and get familiar with the crew and their dynamics. So, look for that in a couple months when I’m done with Ellie Connelly and the Eye of the Vortex chapter 3.