YIORA-2015_box-frontA couple months back I got a notification from TheGameCrafter.com that one of the pieces I was using for my 2-player strategy game YIORA was being discontinued. Sadly, this was a piece I was planning to use for a 3-6 player expansion set I had in the works, and rather than have one weird little mismatched piece, I chose to pull the game and look for alternatives. Luckily, not long after the notice, TheGameCrafter announced a new piece type: Standee Chits! These free-standing markers are laser-cut from durable 60pt chipboard, and allow extreme flexibility in the design of the piece at a fraction of the cost of the original sculpted pieces I’d been using. So I’m in the process of revamping the full complement of pieces available with the game and replacing them all with these Standees.

Once I have the pieces designed and uploaded I’ll republish the base game, and then get back to work on the 3-6 player expansion set. This set will include four complete sets of different colored pieces, enough for up to four additional players, as well as a rule booklet with nearly a dozen different rules variants, including a few games that are just completely different from the base strategy game, but which can be played on the same board.

This complete set has been a long time in coming, and I hope will be the last update I’ll need to make to YIORA for a good while.