2012-03-16_dol-dai-180x125I’m happy to report that my simple 2-player strategy game Dol-Dai is now available to purchase as a boxed edition at TheGameCrafter.com! This edition comes complete with printed game mat, rule sheet, and ten glass pieces all in a 10″x10″ box for only $14.99!

And after you’ve played the game, please do me a favor and review Dol-Dai at BoardGameGeek.com! Many board game enthusiasts use the reviews and ratings at this site to make buying decisions.

I’ve had this game completed for some time now, and there’s very little difference from the free downloadable Print-n-Play edition. Mostly I wanted to evaluate TheGameCrafter’s process for setting up and ordering games, and also to check out the quality of their printed components and assembly. gamecrafter-thumb-250x250_circleThe ‘prototype’ editions of Dol-Dai I purchased for myself looked fantastic, so I feel very confident in posting this game as being available. I will be looking to TheGameCrafter.com for all of my game-publishing needs for the time being, including a boxed edition of YIORA, a full-size deck of 8-Bit Tarot cards, and Orbits, a card-and-tile-based racing game I’m currently developing.

You can still download the print-and-play version of Dol-Dai here at lunarbistro.com by clicking This Link.