This post has been a long time in coming, to say the least. I realized this month that it’s been two-and-a-half years since the last update to the Ellie Connelly comic, and just over two years since I posted anything at all up on the website. I’ve decided that it’s time to just let the domain expire and move what little content there is over here into its own section of the Comics page. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to find the time to do that, but someday.

The worst part of all of this is that a few weeks ago, while I was ostensibly backing up old projects onto an external hard-drive, I accidentally over-wrote my Ellie Connelly project folder – the one with all of the colored pages, book layouts, website design files, ancillary merchandise layouts, and anything created digitally – with a much more recent and far-less-complete version of the folder. The only pieces remaining are my project notes containing all of the story concepts and finished script pages for the Eye of the Vortex story as well as the future stories I had planned out, and one finished page I’d worked up in a new style a year or so ago when I was testing the waters on starting over again and maybe finishing EotV. Needless to say, that process never really got off the ground, and sadly now it’s the only thing I’ve got left. Once I realized what had happened I immediately made a dump of the contents of the website, so at least I have the low-res web-versions of the comics intact.

I do still have all of the original artwork for Eye of the Vortex – at least those weren’t created digitally – with the sole exception there being the top splash panel of page 21, when they arrive at the train station. I was never able to get the perspective on that building looking right on the paper, so for that panel alone I scanned in the foreground characters and traced the architecture into a background layer in Photoshop. So, yeah – that one’s gone.

None of this is any real great loss to me, since I know I wasn’t planning to do anything with this story or these characters anytime soon, and it was to the point where any reminders of it just made me sad that I didn’t finish it. But knowing now that if I ever do change my mind and want to revisit this world, that I will absolutely need to start over more-or-less from scratch, well that certainly gives me a disincentive to even consider it at this point.

So, anyway, that’s what’s been going on in the world of Ellie Connelly lately. The url will start redirecting visitors here if it isn’t already, and before long the site will simply disappear. If I ever do decide to start doing new things with Ellie, I’ll be posting them here, in a subsection of this site, rather than at its own domain – keeping things simple for once.

Ah, well. So it goes.

Update: Ha! Turns out I was just going through some serious self-doubt, and as usually happens, I eventually overcame it and started working on the project again. New Ellie Connelly pages can be found here: Enjoy!